I'm trying to find a way to convert EPSG:28992 to Google Maps' lat/lon using PHP. Is this possible?

I'm trying to convert XYZ: 137634.397 455715.439 0.0.

I'm using Kadaster, which is a Dutch government product. If you need any more information, please ask!

  • You only want a solution in PHP? If yes, please update your question title and add PHP as a tag.
    – Iris
    Commented Sep 4, 2015 at 12:19
  • note that google maps projection is a mercator projection. The most common Lat/long is WGS 84 (EPSG 4326)
    – radouxju
    Commented Sep 4, 2015 at 13:11

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Yes this can be done using http://proj4js.org/ you can find your parameters here http://spatialreference.org/ the rest is just code. I have a similar php script in a web page that converts from State Plane Coordinates into Lat/Long EPSG 4326. It basically follows this logic, ignore the extraneous stuff, that i think can be applied to your problem.

points = new Array();
noaa_points = new Array();
var p;
var thispoint;

Proj4js.defs["'.$zone_id.'"] = "'.$zone_vars.'";

var dest = new Proj4js.Proj("EPSG:4326");  /* Lat and Lon projection */
var source = new Proj4js.Proj("'.$zone_id.'");



if ($_REQUEST['n'] && $_REQUEST['e']) {

    echo '

 p = new Proj4js.Point('.$_REQUEST['e'].','.$_REQUEST['n'].');
  points.push({num:1,north:"'.$_REQUEST['n'].'",east:"'.$_REQUEST['e'].'",zone:"'.     $zone_name.'",elev:0,desc:"Single Converted      Point",lat:p.y,lng:p.x,noaalat:0,noaalng:0});

QGis might also be helpful to convert between several projections. Once you can see your geometry as layer in Qgis, right click on the layer and select Export => Save Features As ... and select the wanted format.



This can be done using the Proj4PHP class which is a translation from Proj4JS. As follows:

// Initialise Proj4
$proj4 = new Proj4php();

// Create two different projections.
$projAmersfoort    = new Proj('EPSG:28992', $proj4);
$projWGS84  = new Proj('EPSG:4326', $proj4);

// Create a point.
$pointAmersfoortSrc = new Point(652709.401, 6859290.946, $projAmersfoort);

// Transform the point between datums.
$pointDest = $proj4->transform($projWGS84, $pointAmersfoortSrc);

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