I have created a postgis table from point.shp with 5 fields containing 20 records. Now I want to populate the table with another 150 records keeping the previous 20 records so that the total records count reach 170.

I have tried 'QGIS to Postgis shp loader (SPIT - Shape to PG Import Tool)' and also 'Postgis shapefile & DBF loader' but in both cases the tools are asking to overwrite the previous records in the table.

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There is more than one way to do it:

  • Import the new shapefile to PostGIS as separate table, then do

    INSERT INTO tablemain SELECT * FROM tablenew;

  • Open the PostGIS table and the shapefile in QGIS, edit the POSTGIS table, copy and paste the new features.

  • Use shp2pgsql directly on the command line (you did it before) and use option -a.
  • For the record: You can also use append mode in the PostGIS Shapefile Import/Export manager (the GUI of shp2pgsql command line tool).
    – Jakob
    Sep 5, 2015 at 7:56

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