I'm using OpenLayers-3.8.2. I have a draw Ineraction as follow:

function drawEnd(){
var drawInteraction = new ol.interaction.Draw({
   source: mysource,
   type: 'LineString'
drawInteraction.on('drawend', drawEnd);

I want to user draw just one feature. This Code work, but when user draw a feature, map zoom in 2 level.

How can I prevent zooming in?

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The proper way to handle this is something like:

// Find the double click interaction that is on the map.
var dblclickzoom;
map.getInteractions().forEach(function (interaction) {
   if (interaction instanceof ol.interaction.DoubleClickZoom) {

// Remove the interaction from the map.
if (dblclickzoom) { map.removeInteraction(dblclickzoom); }

/* Add your draw interaction here */
var drawinteraction=new ol.interaction.Draw(...);

// I like to stick the listener on the source's change event rather than
// the interaction's drawend, but I think either should work...
drawinteraction.on('drawend', function () {
   // Do this in a timeout so it doesn't get triggered by the potential
   // double click that caused the drawing to end.
   if (dblclickzoom) {
       setTimeout(function () {
// Start the draw interaction...

Try the stopClick option

var drawInteraction = new ol.interaction.Draw({
   source: mysource,
   type: 'LineString',
   stopClick: true

You can listen for the dblclick event and then simply return false; to disable the zoom; However you need to set a condition for it so it will disable the zoom only when the user is drawing.

map.on( "dblclick", function (e) {
   if ( drawingMode ) {
       return false;

by setting this before draw you can disable the zoom on double click,

    doubleClickZoom :false

after removing the draw interaction set back the double click zoom to true

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