I am trying to find a way to get the Geo Transformation (NW corner position, pixel size and rotation) for a given tiff image. I have a tiff which I know is using some coordinate reference system (an UTM projection using the WGS84 reference ellipsoid).

I would like to make it a geotiff using a software by associating, for example, point correspondences between the tiff image and a reference map. I would love to use something like Maptiler, but without the 10k*10k limitation on the image resolution.

For now, the solution I can think of is to downscale the input tiff, use Maptiler to get the GeoTransform, then use GDal to make this tiff a Geotiff by upscaling the pixelSizes by the inverse coefficient.

Are there any free alternatives to generate a geotiff by using correspondences?

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This process of finding the geotransform or building a geotiff from a given raaster image is known as Geo-Referencing. Instead of using Maptiler, I can use QGis with the GeoReferencer plugin, which, as it is well presented netpalantir and in digital-geography, can also be used with a nice GUI.

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