I'm new to ESRI ArcGIS applications and at the moment I'm trying to learn the operations dashboard. I looked at their tutorial and it is fairly easy as they've provided data.

Now, I'm trying to use my own data. What I did was create a web map, I then pull and load my CSV files to create the layers. Everything looks nice and I saved the web map.

When I try to open it in the operations dashboard I get the selected webmap does not contain any layers that can be used as data sources at the data source tab.

What am I doing wrong?

Can someone guide me because I can't use the other widgets if I can't view the data sources.

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It's likely that your layers are not in one of the supported formats. According to a post on the ArcGIS website only hosted feature layers etc. can be used as data sources:

enter image description here


Make an event layer of your .csv's within ArcMap, export those to a shapefile/feature class, then publish those as my hosted services. Within your my content tab, add your feature layers to a webmap, save that webmap. Open Dashboard, add that webmap, and your layers should be accessible.


Once you have uploaded your CSV files, you can open the item and convert them to hosted feature services.. These will then work fine in Ops Dashboard.

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