I'm wondering how to edit multiple layers, maybe standalone.

I have 2 shapefiles. 1 line and 1 point

What i want is the following: When i select a line, then the line and the point shape has to go in de edit mode. The selected line changes from color (say red to blue). Now i want to insert serveral new points on the line, wich gets a id number from the line shape.

I think this is possible with some py code, but i can figure out how.

Any ideas?

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I don't see the line being edited in your example. First, use "settingss > snapping options" to make sure that you snap the line when you draw a new point. Once you have added all your points, you can use "vector > data management tools > join attributes by location" to extract all the line ID for each point.

  • When 1 select a line i has to go in the edit mode and also the point shape. Once i add a point on the line the point has to be saved directly with the line id. It has to be very use friendly because iets a field solution. And when finished in the line shape there will the some new info added like user,time
    – Kaj
    Sep 14, 2015 at 7:22

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