I am working with the NHD flowline dataset (USGS) and some of the line features have the same name. I want to merge the line features that have the same name. For example: There are three features that have the name "Kings River" and four features that have the name "Boulder Creek" how do I write a python script that merges these features based on the name? The question How to merge multiple overlapping lines using python? deals with a merge that is based on geometry - I need to merge the line features based on a non spatial attribute (name of flowline).

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  • possible duplicate of How to merge multiple overlapping lines using python?
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  • gis.stackexchange.com/questions/138667/… is not the same thing. The merge is not based on geometry - it's based on a non spatial attribute
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I would use the two following functions:

  1. Vector > Data Management Tools > Merge Shapefiles to One... in order to make one shapefile from the different ones you have (it seems that they are all line geometries so this will work).

  2. Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Dissolve in order to merge the features based on the name attribute (this function asks for a merge attribute).

I have not tried this on a sample but it should work. 'hope I understood your problem correctly.


As mentioned by @wiltomap (and basically building on what he said), the Dissolve function sounds like it should do what you're asking for - merging multiple features by their common attribute name. If you want it using Python, you could use the following:

import processing

layer = qgis.utils.iface.activeLayer()
field = 'FieldName'
output = "C:\Users\you\Desktop\\result.shp"
processing.runalg("qgis:dissolve", layer, 'False', field, output)

Hope this helps!

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