I'm looking for rigorous geometrical models for InSAR imagery. I'm familiar with the rigorous models for SAR images, but I don't know the model for InSAR. I searched through the internet, but I didn't find any clear-cut equations concerning this subject.

If anyone knows any books or lecture notes concerning rigorous geometrical models for InSAR imagery, please suggest me.


I think the paper Application of RPC model for InSAR phase evaluation is good to start with and then you can continue with the references of that paper
The paper Robust Estimating Three-Dimensional Ground Motions from Fusion of InSAR and GPS Measurements is another good resource

This book can be a good resource, too. It's not completely relevant but since rigorous models are extracted from the satellite's orbital motion equation, it can help a lot
Take a look at lecture notes. They are not fully related. But I'm telling you that searching key words like "rigorous"+"insar" won't give you much results. You should start with the applications that need these geometric models for example "high accuracy DEM generation insar", "tectonic motion insar", "building extraction insar", etc.

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