I wonder if it is possible using a custom form for field calculation to be carried out by means of a calculate button.

I have 4 input fields, I enter in two fields manualy a number, after pressing the button the rest of the fields are calculated.


Pulse: 100-> By user
average:-> calculation of Pulse/3 
Steps: 234-> By user
quantity:-> calculation of Average * Steps 

Is this possible to make with QT such a form?


I used QtDesigner to generate a QDialog like this:enter image description here

and disabled average and quantity QLineEdits (please note that I did not use any layout - you should use one to make it look nicer!). In QGis the *.ui file is set as form in attributes table and form_open() is used as python init function, see also documentation here: http://docs.qgis.org/2.2/de/docs/training_manual/create_vector_data/forms.html#hard-fa-associating-the-form-with-your-layer

Code to calculate average and quantity when changing pulse or steps values looks like this:

from PyQt4.QtGui import QLineEdit, QSpinBox

form = None
steps = None
pulse = None

def form_open(my_dialog, layer_id, feature_id):
    global form
    global pulse
    global steps

    form = my_dialog
    pulse = form.findChild(QSpinBox, "pulse")
    steps = form.findChild(QSpinBox, "steps")

def calculate_avg_and_quantity():
    average = form.findChild(QLineEdit, "average")
    quantity = form.findChild(QLineEdit, "quantity")

    new_average = pulse.value() / 3.0
    average.setText(str(round(new_average, 2)))

    new_quantity = new_average * steps.value()

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