I have total 96 records which are having duplicate values like 999999.

What i want is to convert these values into unique ones like 999901,999902,999903 and so on, through the 96 records.

I want only 2 digits to be replaced as rowids but there may also be cases where i have to change three digits too.

  • Not sure I quite understand the last part (2 digits vs. 3 digits?) but would you be able to just Field Calculate the field to "9999"+str(!OBJECTID!).zfill(2) if your OBJECTID or FID already increments from 1-96?
    – John
    Sep 16, 2015 at 12:31
  • I wanted to mention that i dont want to change the length of the digits , i just want to change the numbers . as i have 96 duplicates of 999999 and i want to remove them. for three digits i wanted to know that if i will have 200 duplicates of the 999999 , than i will have to start it by 999001,999002 like this . Sep 17, 2015 at 5:11

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Borrowing from the Calculate Field Examples in the ESRI Help Docs about incrementing calculations, here is a Field Calculator example that works for a user-defined number of padding.

Important! You need to change the pPad variable to the number of digits you want to right-pad (e.g. 2 or 3). This will maintain 6 total digits no matter how many values you pad.

Code Block

def autoIncrement():
    global rec
    pStart = 1 #adjust start value, if req'd 
    pInterval = 1 #adjust interval value, if req'd
    pPad = 2 #adjust right-padded value, if req'd
    if (rec == 0): 
        rec = pStart 
        rec = rec + pInterval 
    return "999999"[:-pPad] + str(rec).zfill(pPad)

Expression Line




Field Calculator

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