I'm trying to convert my GRASS/Bash script into the Phython Shell. Now I have a raster dataset (test.01) which I want to convert in 1 or 0. In GRASS I used the command r.mapcalc

r.mapcalc test.new.01="if(test.01/test==1,1,0)"

Now in the Python Shell I figured just the first steps, but I don't get the concept how to return the calculation into a new raster dataset.

import grass.script as grass
import grass.script.setup as gsetup
for rast in grass.list_strings(type = 'rast'):
    print rast

Now I tried to use the Python function grass.raster.mapcalc() but without success, it kills my GRASS GIS process.

expr = "if(test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset==1,1,0)"
output = grass.raster.mapcalc(expr)

The question is also how to write the result into a new raster dataset.


You need to understand the raster map algebra: any expression needs and input raster and a resulting raster and this layer is automatically added to the mapset.

In grass.raster.mapcalc() , the example is

expr1 = '"%s" = "%s" * 10' % (output_raster, input_raster)

If I define the input and output rasters as:

input_raster = "test.01@mapset"
output_raster = "test.02@mapset"

The expression is

expr1 = '"%s" = "%s" * 10' % (output, input)
print expr1
"test.02@mapset" = "test.01@mapset" * 10

In your expression expr = "if(test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset==1,1,0)" there is no resulting raster.

 expr = "if(test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset==1,1,0)"
 print expr

The expression you want is:

  • if the value of test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset = 1 is true (cell by cell) then the value of the cell in test.02@mapset is 1
  • if the value of test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset = 1 is false (cell by cell) then the value of the cell in test.02@mapset is 0

The correct solution would be

"test.02@mapset" = "if(test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset==1,1,0)"
# or
"test.02@mapset = if(test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset==1,1,0)"

But the result of your expression will always give 1 because,cell value by cell value, test.01@mapset/test.01@mapset = 1

  • some how it wants me to set quotation marks around the rasterdata name. expr1 = '"%s" = if("%s"/"%s"==1,1,0)' % (output, input, input) or "test.02@mapset" = if("test.01@mapset"/"test.01@mapset"==1,1,0). – wittich Sep 17 '15 at 12:32
  • Maybe of interest: github.com/wenzeslaus/python-grass-addon - shortcourse on Python in GRASS GIS as an ipython notebook (scroll down to see how to launch the course) – markusN Sep 18 '15 at 14:05

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