I need to convert a PostGIS table to a personal geodatabase using ogr2ogr. I can convert tables to a shapefile without a problem but whenever I try to convert it to .mdb using the ODBC driver, I get an error. I have got the 64-bit GDAL version and also the 64-bit ODBC driver installed.

This is my command:

ogr2ogr -f "ODBC" C:\users\[user]\file.mdb PG:"host=localhost user=[user] dbname=[db] password=[password]" "[tablename]"  

This is the error I get:

ODBC driver failed to create C:\users\[user]\file.mdb

Am I using the right command to do this, or am I missing a driver or something?


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Per the docs:

Currently the ODBC OGR driver is read-only, so new features, tables and datasources cannot normally be created by OGR applications.

Additionally, neither the PGeo nor MDB drivers support creation.


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