How can Planet Labs' mosaic Tile Map Service (TMS) be used with GDAL like in the OpenLayers example? The API requires authentication and other specific settings.

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The following XML template can be used in GDAL for Planet Labs mosaics:

<GDAL_WMS> <!-- Planet Labs --> <Service name="TMS"> <ServerUrl>https://tiles.planet.com/v0/mosaics/color_balance_mosaic/${z}/${x}/${y}.png</ServerUrl> <SRS>EPSG:3857</SRS> <ImageFormat>image/png</ImageFormat> <Transparent>TRUE</Transparent> </Service> <DataWindow> <UpperLeftX>-20037508.34</UpperLeftX> <UpperLeftY>20037508.34</UpperLeftY> <LowerRightX>20037508.34</LowerRightX> <LowerRightY>-20037508.34</LowerRightY> <TileLevel>15</TileLevel> <TileCountX>1</TileCountX> <TileCountY>1</TileCountY> <YOrigin>top</YOrigin> </DataWindow> <Projection>EPSG:3857</Projection> <BlockSizeX>256</BlockSizeX> <BlockSizeY>256</BlockSizeY> <BandsCount>4</BandsCount> <ZeroBlockHttpCodes>204,303,400,404,500,501</ZeroBlockHttpCodes> <ZeroBlockOnServerException>true</ZeroBlockOnServerException> <MaxConnections>5</MaxConnections> <UserPwd>API_KEY</UserPwd> <Cache> <Path>/tmp/cache_planetlabs.tms</Path> </Cache> </GDAL_WMS>

Replace API_KEY with your actual API key and possibly set the mosaic name to something other than color_balance_mosaic. You can also change the location in <Path> to a suitable location on your computer or remove the entire <Cache> section if you don't want to cache tiles locally.

Disclamer: I work for Planet Labs.


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