I am operating on OS X version 10.9.5 using QGIS 2.6.1 - Brighton. I am using the OpenLayers Plugin version 1.3.6 (Google maps) to create shapefiles and edit existing shapefiles over the Google map plugin data. I happened notice that in the Google Maps/Earth Permissions page under "Geo Permissions" a FAQ was posed:


"I'd like to trace a map using your imagery. Can I?" The response: "You may not use Google Maps or Google Earth as the basis for tracing your own maps or other geographic content."

My question: Does QGIS have some sort of agreement with Google Maps/Earth which allow the mapping community to use the plugin they have provided? Can anyone assist?


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As far as I know there is no such agreement. You have to obey the Google terms of license regardless of the software you use.

See also Is the use of Google Earth imagery via the OpenLayers Plugin in QGIS legal?

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