I want to extract a csv with lat and lon coordinates so I select -- Geometry AS_WKT

but when the csv is created I see this

LINESTRING (277054.55782319931 198725.03588318737,277052.43701817648 198727.04506689325,277051.7672902745 198729.38911455008,277052.54863949347 198732.73775405987,277055.89727900323 198738.0955772755,277070.40805021225 198755.06201745835,277088.71394619904 198776.60493163791,277099.76445658127 198789.77624704302,277108.91740457463 198800.82675742527,277114.94495569228 198807.97052171279,277118.40521651902 198811.98888912454,277119.96791495691 198813.66320887941)

which is not the lat and lon I expected. I chose the crs wgs 84 epsg 4326, but it doesnt work. Any idea? The lat and lon should be for somewhere in the UK

  • Make sure that the coordinates are in 4326, the ones you posted are not longitude latitude... – Gerardo Jimenez Sep 22 '15 at 16:11
  • You have to find out which coordinate system the data is in - probably some British national grid, and then project the layer to WGS 84. – Jan Šimbera Sep 22 '15 at 16:35

The coordinates look like OSGB1936 British National grid, in Southern Wales.

Saving as WKT does not change the CRS to WGS84. Set Layer CRS is NOT the right tool either.

You might want to start again from scratch to get it right. Go to Settings -> Options, CRS tab, and select Prompt for CRS.

Loading the data as delimited text, choose EPSG:27700 if you are asked for it. Then Rightclick Save As ... to EPSG:4326 under a different name.

With Rightclick on the layer, Properties, Metadata tab, you should find the reprojected extent:

xMin,yMin -3.77945,51.6738 : xMax,yMax -3.77849,51.6746
  • I ve done exactly that and the result is as shown. any clues? – Theo Eurotrip Sep 22 '15 at 18:33

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