I have published the geoprocessing services for a GP tool.

How can I use this link in python scripting to execute the GP tool?



I use the requests module for stuff like this. There are also built in modules to do this (urllib). To run a published GP service, you simply need to make a request to the REST endpoint.

I have published a repo on GitHub to do these kinds of tasks. Here is an example of how to run the Esri drive time analysis GP service with my restapi module (can be found here):

import restapi, os

# Test Geoprocessing Service
gp_url = 'http://sampleserver1.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/Network/ESRI_DriveTime_US/GPServer/CreateDriveTimePolygons'
gp = restapi.GPTask(gp_url)

# get a list of gp parameters (so we know what to pass in as kwargs)
print '\nGP Task "{}" parameters:\n'.format(gp.name)
for p in gp.parameters:
    print '\t', p.name, p.dataType

point = {"geometryType":"esriGeometryPoint",

# run task, passing in gp parameters as keyword arguments (**kwargs)
gp_res = gp.run(Input_Location=str(point), Drive_Times = '1 2 3', inSR = 102100)

# returns a GPResult() object, can get at the first result by indexing (usually only one result)
# can test if there are results by __nonzero__()
if gp_res:
    result = gp_res.results[0]

    # this returned a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer as an outputParameter, so we can export this to polygons
    print '\nOutput Result: "{}", data type: {}\n'.format(result.paramName, result.dataType)

    # now export the result value to fc (use the value property of the GPResult object from run())
    drive_times = os.path.join(folder, 'drive_times.shp')
    restapi.exportFeatureSet(drive_times, gp_res.value)

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