I have a file that was output from Pix4D as an mbtile, along with the actual image files in the google earth tiles folder, I want to use them as the base map in a mapbox project but wondering how I accomplish this?

It seems confusing if I am supposed to do something with them in Tilemill, or if I just upload .tif files to the mapbox project, or something else.

Anyone have a simple walk through of how to accomplish adding your own imagery to the mapbox base map?


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@ user25644:

You may go to mapbox website and click the project icon: enter image description here

Then Add a New Project to import the files: enter image description here

Hope this helps :)

  • That seems to be for importing an overlay whereas I am trying to import basemap imagery (MBTiles)
    – user25644
    Aug 4, 2016 at 23:22

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