I would like to create my own provider with the processing toolbox. I see the example provider in my folder C:\QgisWien\bin...\algs\ExampleProvider.

It seems to be a good start but unfortunately, I don't see the example provider in the processing toolbox.

I see this post : Is there a way to integrate my own custom tools into the Processing toolbox in QGIS?

I try to copy the folder ExampleProvider to my qgis plugins path but nothing.

I have Windows se7en and qgis wien installed.


1) add the ExampleProvider folder in the qgis plugins ;

2) fix the path of the module in the different python files in order that the import does correctly. (one module seems to point to C:\QGISPATH\bin...\algs\ExampleProvider) ;

3) activate the plugin in the plugin manager.

And now, the Example aglorithms provider appears in my processing toolbox.

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