I am building a routable network from OpenStreetMap using osm2po (v5.0.0). I would like to include ferry routes, but limit them to car ferries only.

I am using the following config (excerpt):

wtr.flagList = car, bike, foot, rail, ferry, poly
wtr.finalMask = car|ferry

wtr.tag.route.ferry =             2,   1, 10,  ferry

wtr.allow.motor[car|_vehicle].[yes|destination] = car|ferry

wtr.deny.access.no = car|bike|foot|rail|ferry
wtr.deny.vehicle.no = car|bike|ferry
wtr.deny.access.foot = ferry
wtr.deny.motor[car|_vehicle].no = car|ferry
wtr.deny.motor[_vehicle|car] = car|ferry

However, I keep getting pedestrian-only ferries. The problem is that often there are no other tags other than route=ferry by which I could filter (deny) them. Example:


Any ideas?

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Simply leave the default config untouched and un-comment this line:


Background: Ferries are not necessarily car-ferries in OSM. So the only chance to filter them is given by

wtr.allow.motor[car|_vehicle].[yes|destination] = car

which is already activated in the default config

  • Yes that works. My fault was to include ferry in the finalMask, giving me practically all ferries.
    – ArGeBre
    Oct 16, 2015 at 9:54

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