I am working with the application which uses leaflet api.


I needed to draw different types of fences, using decorators i can somewhat apply good visuals to the polylines but not much.


I was willing to show twisted wires instead of dashes, dots or plain lines and I know the twisted wire line will be an image but can't find help about applying custom css to polylines.

Script Example

         var fence2Icon = L.icon({
                            iconUrl: 'xxxx.png',
                            iconSize: [5, 20]
                            iconAnchor: [5, 18]

                        // Add coordinate to the polyline
                        var polylineFence2 = new L.Polyline([], { color: 'red' });
                    function fencePlace2(e) {
                        // New marker on coordinate, add it to the map
                new L.Marker(e.latlng, { icon: fence2Icon, draggable: false }).addTo(curr);
                        // Add coordinate to the polyline
            var decorator = L.polylineDecorator(polylineFence2, {
            patterns:[{offset:5,repeat:'20px',symbol:new L.Symbol.Dash({pixelSize:5})

                L.easyButton('fa-flash', function () {
                            $('.leaflet-container').css('cursor', 'crosshair');
                            map.on('click', fencePlace2);
                            polylineFence2 = new L.Polyline([], { color: 'red' });

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My understanding of Leaflet is that it is built to cover about 90% of use cases and for simplicity and compactness. Unfortunately I don't think your usecase is covered in that 90%. This is the API for the upcoming Leaflet 1.0 for Paths (Polyline is a subclass) and there are just simple options for colour, width, dashes etc.

The following plugins may be of interest though:




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