I am really new to cartodb and have spent a number of hours trying to figure out the distinction between layers and sublayers. Specifically within cartodb.js. For example, I have a map with two layers that I created using cartodb. I then use cartodb.createVis to get at it from javascript. Most things work, but to set an infowindow on a sublayer, I seem to have to do:


but, when I define the infowindow's template, only some of the template tags seem to be populated. Any ideas? In particular:

1) Is there clear documentation somewhere on layers, sublayers, events, and infowindows somewhere?

2) Is there any way within an infowindow to inspect {{content.data}} to find out what fields it actually has?

  • That is really two questions, which is generally discouraged. – John Powell Oct 5 '15 at 5:56

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