I'm trying to open this shapefile with CartoDB or http://geojson.io, but I keep getting different kind of errors.

I can open it with QGIS, but then I tried exporting it to GeoJSON, KML, ESRI shapefile, and others, and I always get lots of records but nothing on the map.

I'd like to just convert it to GeoJSON so that I can open it with any tool.

Am I missing anything?


I suggest to assign the CRS EPSG:22195 Campo Inchauspe/Argentina 5, which makes it fit to Buenos Aires streets. You can do that with ARCGIS, QGIS or GDAL.

Or create a file named RGBA01P.prj with this content:

PROJCS["Campo_Inchauspe_Argentina_5",GEOGCS["GCS_Campo Inchauspe",DATUM["D_Campo_Inchauspe",SPHEROID["International_1924",6378388,297]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0],UNIT["Degree",0.017453292519943295]],PROJECTION["Transverse_Mercator"],PARAMETER["latitude_of_origin",-90],PARAMETER["central_meridian",-60],PARAMETER["scale_factor",1],PARAMETER["false_easting",5500000],PARAMETER["false_northing",0],UNIT["Meter",1]]

Once the .prj file is written, you can reproject to any other CRS and format.


I opened it in ArcGIS and I noticed it wasn't projected. Therefore, you can see the attribute information, but geojson, or any other format (esri shape or kml) can't place it on the Earth. Try projecting it.

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