I created a mesh file using OpenDroneMap program out of 100 geotagged jpgs, and I would like to know how to generate a raster image out of the resultant .ply file?

Has anyone done this?

Meshlab has the option to make a screenshot but it returns very poor quality image. I saw that Agisoft Photoscan has this ability as well, but are there any free software packages that can do this?

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    Btw, OpenDroneMap now has the ability for creating raster images – Milos Miletic Jul 3 '16 at 20:26

You can use cloudcompare or meshroom software to convert the .ply mesh file to a point cloud (.las or .laz).

Once you have it in point cloud format (with normals computed), use a simple script in R to grid and output raster at desired resolution.

Sample script:

#set working directory
#read point cloud
las <- readLAS('sfm.las')
#manually override return number
las@data$ReturnNumber <- 1
#plot point cloud


#grid cloud from above
chm <- grid_canopy(las, res = 0.05, pitfree(c(0,2,5,10,15), c(0, 1.5)))
#output raster file
writeRaster(chm, "raster.tif")

enter image description here

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