I am right now would like to use rsgislib to create a simplify remote sensing image processing application based on python. However I have no idea about how to use rsgislib in windows.

Perhaps someone would like to share about using rsgislib in windows or a substitute python library for rsgislib.

rsgislib: The Remote Sensing and GIS software library (RSGISLib) is a collection of tools for processing remote sensing and GIS datasets. The tools are accessed using Python bindings or an XML interface. http://www.rsgislib.org/

  • What type of image processing are you doing? – Aaron Oct 7 '15 at 3:37

Binaries of RSGISLib are now available on Windows via conda-forge. To install:

1) Download miniconda from https://conda.io/miniconda.html and install

2) Within the conda terminal, install RSGISLib to a new environment using:

conda create -n rsgislib -c conda-forge rsgislib

3) Once installed activate the new environment using

activate rsgislib

RSGISLib has been developed and is primarily used on macOS and Linux so it is possible there are some Windows specific bugs.

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So far I know RSGISLIB uses GDAL/OGR's C library with Python binding, it's not Python in base. Almost all of today's geoprocessing and remote sensing applications use GDAL and OGR. In Windows you can either install GDAL and OGR utilities inside python, or use in CLI. You can even try Orfeo-toolbox. GRASS has an extensive library for raster processing inside Python. Windows has a wonderful tool called OSGeo4W which can guide you to install many similar utilities along with their dependencies.

Also try these links

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It is possible to run RSGISLib on Windows 10 using the Windows Bash shell. I have run the RSGISLib python tests successfully, but I have not tried anything else.

  1. Install Windows Bash Shell - follow instructions here.

  2. Download and install miniconda (linux 64bit).

  3. Install the rsgislib packages:

    conda create -n rsgislib python=3.5

    conda install -c conda-forge gdal

    conda install -c conda-forge -c rios rsgislib

  4. I also had to install libopenblas-base:

    sudo apt-get install libopenblas-base

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/openblas-base/

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/OpenBLAS/lib/

  5. Download and run the python tests from the RSGISLib bitbucket page, to see if it has worked.

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