I would like to create a layer in ArcGIS containing polylines, that are rendered by combination of more than one attribute.

I can create layer where the polylines are of different thickness or different colour. But what if I want to make combination of the attributes?

Is there a way to present a 1px red line and another one green 2x line?

MSSQL data source:

ID | color   | thickness | geometry    
1  | 255,0,0 | 1         | polyline(...
2  | 0,255,0 | 2         | polyline(...

You are looking for a way to set size of the symbol (line thickness) based on the attribute stored in the attribute table.

You should look for the quantity by category symbology. Here is an example of how you would set symbols.

A couple of notes:

  • Line thickness field should be integer (to be used for symbol size);
  • There is no way to set color of the line directly from RGB in ArcMap - you would need to pre-create a layer file by applying your RGB to a feature class by using arcpy (or manually if you don't have many unique colors).

enter image description here

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