Running Ubuntu 14.04 with GeoServer 2.7.2. I've got gdal-bin 1.10.1 libgdal1h 1.10.1 and python-gdal 1.10.1 installed from the default repository.

I'm using gdal_retile.py to create an image pyramid which is then hosted on geoserver. I'd prefer to use PNG but it doesn't appear to be supported.

So far I've found:


gdal_retile.py -v -r bilinear -levels 7 -ps 2048 2048 -co "TILED=YES" -co "COMPRESS=LZW" -targetDir ./kenai translated/*.TIF 

What compression algorithms or image formats are supported in the gdal_retile.py "COMPRESS=" argument?

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    The compression method that is used in png is "deflate". Supported methods are driver specific and for GeoTIFF you need to read GDAL GeoTIFF documents. – user30184 Oct 7 '15 at 19:32

The creation options you are able to use with the -co option solely depend on the image format you want to use.

GeoTiff for instance supports the following compression algorithms: JPEG/LZW/PACKBITS/DEFLATE/CCITTRLE/CCITTFAX3/CCITTFAX4/LZMA/NONE.

Each GDAL driver has it's own page where all the creation options are listed. Here is the GeoTiff driver page

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