The surface reflectance data for landsat 8 is only available for bands 1-7 (via EPSA bulk download). I want to pan sharpen surface reflectance data. But I don't have a surface reflectance band 8 (pan band).

Do you think I can use for pan sharpening the surface reflectance data (band 1-7) with the raw DN pan band, as I don't have a surfcace reflectance panchromatic band?

  • I tried this. it doesn't work because the level 1 top of atmosphere panchromatic band has a different spectral distribution than the surface reflectance products from usgs for the landsat bands 1-7. I think only the smoothing filter intensity modulation method would work, but it is very sensitive to band misregistration errors typically found in landsat data.
    – Seffat
    Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 15:45

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You cannot use an 16-bit panchromatic band to correct the floating point radiance or reflectance band(s). Why don't just correct the panchromatic band to reflectance? The procedure is quite a bit more straightforward that it was with the previous sensors and the coefficients are standard across scenes. The USGS has provided instructions that can be implemented using standard raster algebra. Here is a post that gives the basic correction formula in a generic raster algebra format.

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