I have an Excel file with coordinates and a measured value belonging to this coordinates. In ArcMap I can display the points and color it concerning the measured values. Since most of the values close to each other have the same value, I want to build polygons out of them.

I thought the easiest way to do so would be to interpolate via kriging. However, now I don't find a way to create a polygon out of the resulting kriging grid. By using Conversion Tools --> from Raster --> Raster to Polygon the Input Field for Raster tells me:

The resulted Kriging Grid is not in the correct data format.


Be sure to reclassify your raster data using the Reclassify tool. Then, run the Raster to Polygon tool and it should run fine. What's happening with the "incorrect data format" error is that you have a continuous (smooth) raster, and it is trying to convert that to a polygon.

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