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First time using grass. I need to convert DN to reflectance. Imagery -> Sat. images tools-> i.landsat.toar. But when I add raster name. I get error. Im using landsat 8 images

ERROR: Unable to open header file for raster map <LC81890272015184LGN00_B11@abcdefgh1@

I have try this but it wasnt working.

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  • Pls add the exact i.landsat.toar command from the output... – wittich Nov 4 '15 at 12:28

The problem is that you have to call the file without the band number.

Here is an example how it work after you downloaded and extracted the Landset 8 scene as Level 1 GeoTIFF Data Product:

  1. Change into the dir where you extracted the files and execute the following command:
cd "C:\Users\wittich\test"
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B1.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.1 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B2.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.2 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B3.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.3 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B4.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.4 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B5.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.5 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B6.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.6 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B7.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.7 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B8.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.8 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B9.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.9 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B10.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.10 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_B11.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.11 --o
r.in.gdal input=LC81950252015306LGN00_BQA.TIF output=LC81950252015306LGN00.QA --o
  1. run the satellite images tool with the base name (no number behind the dot!):
i.landsat.toar input=LC81950252015306LGN00. output=test. metfile=LC81950252015306LGN00_MTL.txt --o

for further details check the manual of i.landsat.toar.


You could try the Semi automatic classification plugin (pre-processing ) a plugin in QGIS 2.10.1.

I have worked with it using Landsat 7 ETM+ images. Landsat 8 should not be any different enter image description here

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