I currently have a table (not a text box) that I'd like to have overlaid on the map in layout view of ArcMap 10.3. It, unfortunately, has a long title in the column. So, when I go to put the table on the map, it looks very elongated and generally not great. Is there a way that I can text-wrap the titles, and potentially also center-justify the data within the table? Neither the Options menu under Customize nor the Properties menu appear to have any helpful fixes.

I guess if there really isn't any other option, I could just make a text box and then align everything by hand, but obviously this isn't preferred.


Adding a table to the layout basically just captures a screenshot of however it looks in the attribute table view.

In the table options menu for your attribute table click on Appearance...

Change the Cell Height value to something larger. For font size 10, 200% should work for titles with 2 lines, or 300% for 3 lines, etc.

Then simply re-size the field to give you the desired effect and add it to your layout.

enter image description here

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