I have installed QGIS from source in Ubuntu using the this link. In ubuntu I compiled qgis from source without any problem.

but now I moved to RHEL 6.4, not able to run QGIS from source. The steps I have followed to install QGIS from source are described below.

First, I have added all repository which required by QGIS. They are as follows:


and I also installed Python 2.7, QScintilla2, GLIBC 2.14 from source because of version mismatching.

Then,I followed this link to build the QGIS, till this stage everything is fine. Build completed without any error.

After launching the QGIS application, It is showing an error saying that "Import Error:cannot import name Qgsfeature". this error is related to python versions, As I have two python versions installed my machine(Python 2.66 and Python 2.7). then I set the PYTHONPATH, But it is not affecting to the Application, So still displaying the same error.

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