In the following how would I customize the popup options? I want to add in the option for the keepInView to be true.

var myLayer = L.geoJson(polygon, {
  onEachFeature: yourOnEachFeatureFunction

function yourOnEachFeatureFunction(feature, layer){
  if (feature.properties.name) {

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Check out the Leaflet Documentation.

Here's the bit you want:

L.popup( <Popup options> options?, <ILayer> source? )

You can implement like this:

//set up a standalone popup (use a popup as a layer)
var popup = L.popup({keepInView:true})
     .setLatLng([51.5, -0.09])
     .setContent("I am a standalone popup.")

Or in your example:

function yourOnEachFeatureFunction(feature, layer){ if (feature.properties.name) { layer.bindPopup(feature.properties.name,{keepInView:true}); } }

(This is passing in an object, which is composed of 'attribute:value' pairs.


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