I saw many examples of Feature Popup activated when the cursor is moved over a feature for OpenLayers 2.0 but none for OpenLayers 3.0.

Does anyone know how to do the following : http://jorix.github.io/OL-FeaturePopups/examples/feature-popups.html on OpenLayers 3.0 ?


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This works on OL 3.10.1. This example assumes you already have a feature layer added to your map and are using bootstrap and Jquery.

For a solution without Jquery and Bootstrap see : OpenLayers 3 - Feature Popup without Jquery/Bootstrap


<div id="map" class="map"><div id="info"></div></div> 


#map {
  position: relative;

#info {
  position: absolute;
  height: 1px;
  width: 1px;
  z-index: 100;

.tooltip.in {
  opacity: 1;
  filter: alpha(opacity=100);

.tooltip.top .tooltip-arrow {
  border-top-color: white;

.tooltip-inner {
  border: 2px solid white;


Here you need to replace feature.get('id') by whatever feature property you want to show on your popup (example: feature.get('name')).

var info = $('#info');
    animation: false,
    trigger: 'manual'

var displayFeatureInfo = function(pixel) {
        left: pixel[0] + 'px',
        top: (pixel[1] - 15) + 'px'
    var feature = map.forEachFeatureAtPixel(pixel, function(feature, layer) {
        return feature;
    if (feature) {
            .attr('data-original-title', feature.get('id'))
    } else {

map.on('pointermove', function(evt) {
    if (evt.dragging) {
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    Thanks for the code @Alexis Solved a problem that I couldn't find in hours :-)
    – Mapper
    Oct 18, 2015 at 16:39

Word of warning to future searchers. The accepted answer is only correct if you using bootstrap. Without it the code will fail on attempting the .tooltip() calls.

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    since this applies to an answer, it is best to leave it as a comment on that answer, rather than post it as a new answer
    – neuhausr
    Aug 31, 2016 at 13:40
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    I completely agree. However the stack overflow system forbids adding comments on posts that you didn't start until you have enough reputation so either I didn't mention the flaw that could trip people up or I had to break with convention and post an answer. I chose the later as more useful to the people of the future.
    – Saurbaum
    Aug 31, 2016 at 14:33
  • was wondering if it might be something like that. thanks for joining in on the GIS SE!
    – neuhausr
    Sep 1, 2016 at 13:34
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    Just saw this ! I added the info to my answer and created another thread with a plain javascript solution: gis.stackexchange.com/questions/223649/…
    – Alexis_A
    Jan 7, 2017 at 16:43

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