Every time I try running lasmerge tool from LASTools within QGIS, I get the following error message:

Algorithm lasmerge starting...
lasmerge instance has no attribute 'addParametersApplyFileSourceIdsCommands' See log for more details

I have already installed the 2.8 LASTools fixed provided by the QGIS guide. I have checked nothing above [input LAS/LAZ file] nor have I included anything in the additional command line parameters.

I am trying to merge 4 different LAS files.

Can someone help me understand what I am doing wrong?

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    Have you considered upgrading to QGIS 2.10? I have tested lasmerge from the Processing plugin version 2.10.2 and it works.
    – Joseph
    Commented Oct 19, 2015 at 11:05

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See in GitHub, LAStools QGIS_toolbox, the README.txt file. It says:

For QGIS 2.8 all is great. For small bug fixes copy and replace the scripts of the "QGIS_2_8_toolbox_bug_fixes.zip" archive into whatever path corresponds in your installation to this one:
C:\Program Files\QGIS Wien\apps\qgis\python\plugins\processing\algs\lidar\lastools

I tried it :)

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