In the context of QGIS/PyQGIS, I would like to hide the unselected features after performing, for example, a simple selection.

feature = layer.getFeatures().next()

After running this commands a feature becomes highlighted. Besides, I'd like to hide the unselected features. How can I do that?

I believe this is possible because the Query Builder performs a filter that hides the undesired features.

  • The QgsVectorLayer method is 'deselect' and the parameter is the 'id' of selected feature.
    – xunilk
    Commented Oct 21, 2015 at 16:02

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I just made it. In fact, I should use the setSubsetString method. Then I built a a query string inside a loop in order to look like this "gid IN ('8816','8836','8839','8864')". Then, when you run the setSubsetString method it hides the features that are not specified in the query string.

#Do any spacial query which returns some features
features = lyrPnts.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterRect(geomPoly.boundingBox()))

#build the query string
strsel="gid IN ("
for feat in features:
    if feat.geometry().intersects(geomPoly):
        strsel=strsel+ "'" + str(feat.id()) + "',"

#Closes the string with a parenthesis
strsel=strsel[:-1] + ")"
#Hides the undesired features

Nice job



Features are controlled by the renderer, you cannot just "hide" a feature (unless you delete it). Instead you will have to setup a rule that matches a given property (in your case selection) to define the rendering parameters.

Have a look at the expressions+ plugin. There is a function called isselected(layername) which can be used in a style to control the transparency in any renderer or to only match the selected features in a rulebased renderer.

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