I don't know much about GIS. I'm working in C#. I'm receiving latitude/longitude data and need to convert them to EPSG:2154.

I've done some web search but I'm still not sure where to start. Is there some kind of library or code examples I could use ?

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    Proj4j is the standard library for coordinate transforms and there is a .net version. – John Powell Oct 22 '15 at 9:12

Proj.4 (git page here) is a C/C++ library that has wrappers for many different languages and could be considered industry standard. There are C# wrappers available here as well as a command line versions of Proj.4.

Proj4NET is a library for transforming coordinates, it mainly ports Proj4J. Here is the link to the homepage.

There are other options as well:

It is a bit confusing as Proj.NET and Proj4Net have such similar names but they are different libraries that provide the same functionality.

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    After checking what Nuget package seem the most used, I went with "ProjNet4GeoAPI". Yet another confusing name? Still struggling a bit with it but I think I'll open another question. (I'll check your answer as I don't see anything wrong with it anyway.) – TTT Oct 22 '15 at 14:03
  • And I just noticed that ProjNet4GeoAPI is actually derived from Proj.NET. – TTT Oct 23 '15 at 8:11

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