I have written a script to go through each layer in MapInfo (from 1 to 168), turn layer 1 on, style it, label it, print, turn layer off, then the same for layer 2,3,4 etc. The printing works, however I think it's going a bit too fast for MapInfo/the printer and will crash every 25-30 pages, to fix this I am removing my printed layers and tweaking my variables.

I've had a google and from what I can see there is no wait function in MapBasic, is there something else I can do? E.g having it perform a pointless task just to kill a bit of time between pages so the printer does not get overloaded?


You could use the WinAPI function Sleep to let you application rest for a given number of milliseconds:

Here's the MapBasic declaration:

Declare Sub WAPISleep Lib "kernel32.dll" Alias "Sleep"
    ( ByVal dwMilliseconds As Integer

And you basically just call it from your application when you want the app to wait a while:

Call WAPISleep(2000)  'take a 2 secs nap before continuing
  • Perfect! Thank you, for further reference, crashes still occurred and I've worked out with a wait time of 5 seconds approx 40 sheets could be printed before a crash. Increasing the time to 7.5 seconds led me to printing the last 50 without issue – Alan Carr Oct 26 '15 at 11:36

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