I am having some problems exporting from Excel to Arc.

Exporting directly from .xlsx to Arc

  • columns such as Name and latitude disappears all together

Exporting from .xlsx to CSV, then erasing formatting, then exporting to Arc

  • large numbers such as ones with 9 or more digits fail to display

Does anyone know a failsafe procedure to follow when exporting tables from excel to ArcMap 10.2 so that ArcMap retains all values?


I have recently been having issues with the excel-table conversions. I then attempted to save my workbook as a csv and create a feature class from XY table. No dice there either. With all else not working I came up with a round-about route that works every time.

  • export csv file to a gdb.
  • display XY data
  • export events to create a permanent layer

Its still easy, but its an extra step. The layer can then be exported to a shapefile if needed.


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