I have two rasters, one with thematic data, and the other with continuous data (floats). I am trying to calculate/determine the the range of float values associated with the different classes in my thematic raster. For instance, in my thematic raster, I have a class A. If there are 5 cells in my continuous raster data that overlay thematic cells of class A, and these 5 cell have values of 1.2, 3.7, -4.5, 6.23, -0.8, I would like the end result of my calculation to show:

Class A:  Range [-4.5 to 6.23]
Class B:   .....and so on.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? I've been trying to determine if the raster overlay tools in ArcMap can provide this, but I haven't come across a solution yet. I'm hoping to avoid a very complicated equation in the raster calculator.

Another way to produce the analysis I am looking for would be to generate a histogram for each thematic class in one raster based on the associated (overlaid) values in another. Is this possible?

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Zonal Statistics as Table (Spatial Analyst) should work for you. In your case, the range will be represented by the min/max values within the table.

enter image description here

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