I have two layers: The first one is a digital elevation model (DEM) as GeoTiff. The second is a point vector layer (start and end of street segments).

What I want to do: Add elevation information to the point layer (as the new attribut hight) from the raster DEM.

My first plan: Convert DEM to vektor and than intersect with point layer. Problem here: Conversion to vektor takes extremely long time, as its a 30x30m resolution.

Do you have any other ideas?

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No need to convert your raster; I see what you're getting at, but there's an easier way - the Point Sampling Tool plugin.

Once you install this plugin, go to Plugins > Analyses > Point Sampling tool

enter image description here

Choose your point layer, and the raster band(s) you want to sample from at each point. It will also allow you to sample from vector layers. It'll create a new layer with the values added as attributes to each point.

If you don't want it as a separate layer, you can use join to pull the values back from this new layer into your original layer.

  • Yes, thats the solution to my problem!
    – Peter
    Commented Nov 1, 2015 at 20:37

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