I wish to edit and remove qgsfeatures in qgsvectorlayer. Vectorlayer contains postgis table.

QgsVectorDataProvider::capabilitiesString() returns the folowing string: Add Features, Add Attributes, Delete Attributes, Fast Access to Features at ID, Simplify Geometries, Simplify Geometries with topological validation

So it looks like I can only add new features, not edit/delete already created. Why?

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You have to use the attribute table for this, where you can see all the data inside the table you´ve added. See here for a detailed introduction. At its bottom you see a marker-symbol which you may use to edit the data.

  • I have no rights to edit postgis table nor from qgis main view, nor from attribute table, nor from c++ code. It looks like the problem in postgis database rights. But i have no ideas how to solve this problem.
    – Gisman
    Oct 26, 2015 at 13:51

You could delete features if you know their ID by loading the layer into canvas from the DB Manager:

DB Manager

Then from the Python Console, you can use:

layer = qgis.utils.iface.activeLayer()
layer.dataProvider().deleteFeatures([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10])

Then from the DB Manager > Table, select the Run Vacuum Analyze tool to update the data table:


You should then see your list of rows updated:


Hope this helps!


Well it looks like i've found the answer to my question.

Postgres tables generated with osm2pgsql don't have a primary key. Postgis fails to edit/delete rows in such tables, but alows to add new rows.

Adding primary key to my table solved problem.


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