I have some made-up data describing "Brenner" (a made-up brand) beer sales per bar, restaurant, supermarket (i.e. "Account"). The volume of beer is measured in cases. And, the time range is 4 weeks. I'm trying to create an animation, using the Timeslider tool in ArcMap 10.3, showing how the volume of Brenner beer cases changes per account week-to-week.

My inspiration is this: http://tipstrategies.com/geography-of-jobs/

So far, I've created a graduated symbol map for one week. This shows, basically, little dots for accounts with low sales and bigger dots for accounts with higher sales. What I want is to have the graduated symbols change over time - to reflect the sales per account week-to-week. From my trials, I can't seem to find a way to combine the time variable with another spatial-analysis tool (e.g. graduated symbols). It seems to be one or the other.

Does anyone have experience in this regard? Can you pass on some of your wisdom?

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Whenever I need to visualize data that changes over time I go back to the Help page called About visualizing temporal data and follow the section that starts:

How to visualize temporal data

Any supported layer or table can be visualized over time by following the steps below:

If you do this and get stuck, then just edit your question to list step by step precisely what you have done and where you are stuck.

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