In R using the raster package, you can create box plots from two rasters (x and y) like so:



x = Raster* object y = If x is a RasterLayer object, y can be an additional RasterLayer to group the values of x by 'zone'

Which works perfectly when I want to group the values of x by all the classes in my thematic raster y.

But if I only want to group the values in x by a subset of the thematic classes in y, is there a way to do this? I could replace any values in y outside the values I am interested with NODATA values, but I was hoping there a cleaner, simpler method.

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I found that the value matching operator %in% works perfectly, to replace raster values I don't want (e.g., 4, 7, 10) with NA, and then I can call the boxplot method again.

y[y%in%c(4,7,10)] <- NA
  • you can also use thee subs or reclassify function Oct 27, 2015 at 2:28

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