I have a simple model that adds some new fields to a layer and calculates values for them. I want to then use this updated layer as an input for Clip. Normally I can just connect the output to the Clip tool, but I would like to package the first part as a submodel: enter image description here

When I add the submodel as a tool, the green output variable doesn't show up. Why?

I tried adding Collect Values to the end of the submodel and then setting the output as a parameter. This makes the output variable show up in the main model, but it cannot be connected to Clip as an input; only a precondition. enter image description here

  • Oh man, I feel like an idiot now.. my actual submodel had many more "select by attribute and calculate field" commands, and I didn't think that selecting any one of the output variables to make a parameter would work. I was afraid that the tool would move onto the next step without completing the submodel. Thank you for the answers!
    – cavemoss
    Oct 27, 2015 at 21:58

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Right-click the sub-model, and then choose a variable from that model to expose as a parameter. Like so: enter image description here. Then inset the sub-model with the exposed parameter into the new model, and the output value (green oval) should be exposed for you to attach further tools to.

  • Answers should be more than a single sentence. Add some more explanation. As without it, it gets flagged as low quality.
    – Branco
    Oct 27, 2015 at 18:28

Make your output from the submodel a Model Parameter without using Collect Values, then you should be able to connect the output to the Clip tool in your main model.

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