I have several images from different times and for every time I have three types of image (temperatureA, temperatureB, pressure). Should I store them as

  • every time as band in a single raster with N bands => I will have (3) rows (one for every data type)

  • every time as a single raster with 1 band => I will have (times count * 3) rows (one for every data type and for every time)

  • all 3 types in bands of a single raster => I will have (times count) rows (one row for every time)

What is tbe best option?

I will mostly read from the database and update all data hourly. Users will be reading from PHP website values at [x, y] from a single time, but all three variables.


I would create three tables and add a time column for every raster. Then your queries always have a "WHERE time = x" or "WHERE time < y".

  • Especially if you are going to be doing updates frequently, you want your rows to be as small in size as possible. So more rows, but smaller size rows.
    – LR1234567
    Oct 29 '15 at 20:16

I have created tests to see what is faster:

Selecting data from (1) band in (N) band raster - 240 ms
Selecting data from (1) band in (1) band raster - 70 ms

(Full results: PostGIS raster and bands tests)

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