Till now I have been able to use MapPoint or Google Maps for a lot of things, specially directions and road trips distance calculations.

Today I need again to perform (massive) road trips distance calculations. But I also need to split each distances in three components:

  1. highway km
  2. toll roads km
  3. other roads km
  4. total distance = 1 + 2 + 3

I could not see how to get these information from the MapPoint API or from the Google Map API. The directions that I could get from them seem unsuitable to identify highways or toll roads.

Would you know how I could solve my problem? I have at least 50000 distances to calculate. My preference would go to using Google Maps. But I could use any other system as long as it is for free or very cheap.


I finally could do the jobwith BingMaps using REST. The returned directions contain road and country indentifiers that I could combine with a file of toll roads in my region.

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