I am slightly confused as to why when i am working in projects the CRS changes when I add new data, e.g. add Bing maps or try to georeference an image.

The CRS is set in the project and when I am prompted I always choose the same one, expect that it seems to end up on another one!

I know that using the same CRS is very important and I am therefore very confused as to why this keeps happening. How can I stop it from changing?

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The Openlayers plugin requires EPSG:3857 to display the bing tiles in a good looking way. In higher zoom levels it is possible to change the project CRS to something else afterwards, but this may fail on worldwide scenes.

If you need another CRS:

  1. make a screenshot of the Openlayers background with Project -> Save as Image
  2. load it as a raster source with layer CRS EPSG:3857
  3. remove the original Openlayers layer
  4. change the project CRS to the one you need.

You can repeat this for different zoom levels.

The QuickMapServices plugin works better with different CRS, but has no bing source layer.

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