I am searching for a file in any geospatial vector format (Shape, ...) with the Alps classified by Suddivisione Orografica Internazionale Unificata del Sistema Alpino (SOIUSA) with the 36 sections and if possible also the corresponding subsections as described in detail on the italian Wikipedia page.

As mentioned in this article there is also a book by the same author called Atlante orografico delle Alpi. SOIUSA with some detailed illustrations. My italian is not that perfect, that I would understand everything but there might be some digital files somewhere.

There is a nice image visualising the classification by Luca Bergamasco, but it is just a PNG: SOIUSA-sezioni by Luca Bergamasco

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You can find a kml of the 36 main to 333 sub SOIUSA zones. Source lamontagnedepierrot


The ARPA Geoportale offers a dataset licenced under CC-BY. The Metadata gives a complete overview over the existing versions and the licence.

Direct link to the WFS-Data from Arpa Piemonte. Add in QGIS as WFS-Connection and Export > Save Feature As... to local directory.


As the original website is now down, here is a save http://dl.free.fr/r3J7DlTOB pass: stackexchange Actually working on a kmz with 870GR (and all hierarchy), according to https://webgis.arpa.piemonte.it/ags101free/rest/services/top other kml resources from https://www.homoalpinus.com/alpes/subdivisions/soiusa/


Various online format https://webgis.arpa.piemonte.it/agportal/home/search.html?q=tags%3A%22SOIUSA%22 up to group (873 GR) level

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