Given that Folium builds on the Leaflet JS library, I was wondering if it could provide the same functionality as Leaflet for custom icon markers.

Scanning through the tutorial here, I'm somewhat doubtful that this is possible, but I thought I would ask here to confirm. It looks as if the marker icons are limited to those provided on Bootstrap.

map_1 = folium.Map(location=[45.372, -121.6972], zoom_start=12,tiles='Stamen Terrain')
map_1.simple_marker([45.3300, -121.6823], popup='Some Other Location',marker_color='red',marker_icon='info-sign')

If this is not supported, is anyone familiar with another Python mapping framework that would support the use of markers with custom icons?

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Looks like the functionality didn't exist. I made a request to the contributors of the Folium library on Github, and they promptly delivered!



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