I am using OL3 and I try to inspect whether two lines are intersecting or not using turf. I used GeoJSON in OL3 and fed the lines into the intersect() in turf but I get Unknown GeoJSON type. here is my code:

lineStringdraw.on('drawend', function(e2) {
var featureEnd = e2.feature;

function checkIntersection(currentFeature){
var features = vectorLayer.getSource().getFeatures();
var geoJSON = new ol.format.GeoJSON();
geoJSON = geoJSON.writeFeature(currentFeature);
for (i=0; (features.length)>i;i++){
var feature = features[i];
geoJSON_i = geoJSON.writeFeature(feature);
var intersectionStatus = turf.intersect(geoJSON,geoJSON_i);

here is piece of the OL3 GeoJSON:


Does anyone know why it is not working or what I am missing?


Turf follows the GeoJSON specification. One aspect of this specification is that geometries should use WGS 84 coordinates. Each coordinate should look like: [longitude, latitude]. Your sample data is not valid WGS 84 lon/lat.

A trick I use with sample datasets is to copy and paste them into http://geojson.io . If the feature does not render normally (it does not with your sample data), there is likely a data problem.


turf.intersect Takes two polygons and finds their intersection. (not linestrings) If they share a border, returns the border; if they don't intersect, returns undefined. here is the doc turf.intersect

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    It does check lineString and I have already implement it. the problem was that the GeoJSON produced by OL3 is not compatible with the GeoJSON in turf, which is weird. I worked around this problem by extracting the coordinates by OL3 and creating GeoJSON using turf. Now it is working. I will add my solution soon. but the question remains: why GeoJSONs are not compatible?
    – msc87
    Nov 3 '15 at 12:13

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